Are you happy with your life? :)
hello there. may i have your credit card information, please? :)

Wouldn't you like the nightmares to end? :)
24 hours
remaining until deletion :)
Hello :) I am the high priest of the Harbingers of The Alpocalypse; and you have something we need. Let me make this very clear to you; your personal files and information are to be deleted and sent to us when this timer strikes zero. Your photos, videos, documents and all your personal information will belong to us :) But, do not fret just yet, as you can be of assistance to us and put this suffering you feel to an end. Be on the right side of history, dear friend, and donate to our cause. What we want is the suffering and never ending turmoil of the trolls of Repiton to come to a close and to bring forth a new era of happiness; but we will need your donation to make that perfect dream a reality.